The AjA Project: Photography Programs for San Diego Youth

PhotoCity Students Explore Safety and Wellbeing at their School

Prompted by a discussion about feeling safe on school grounds, PhotoCity students identified factors that directly impact their feeling of wellbeing at school.
Among the topics they brainstormed, students decided school theft, vandalism and litter made them feel unsafe. As a collective, PhotoCity students created images around these topics and began discussing ways to reduce instances of negative activities on campus.

“Look what the litter has done to our school. It makes our school look dirty, like we don’t care. As students of MCMS, we feel litter is disrespectful and unbefitting. We propose that students who get caught throwing their trash around campus are punished with detention where they spend their time cleaning up the school and picking up trash in the neighborhood.” Photo by: Briana & Daniela
















“We have an art mural in the PE area. Some kids think it’s funny to tag and vandalize it. This destroys the art and makes it look ugly…the janitors and teachers have to paint over the bad words and graffiti. We think there should be strict punishment for students who vandalize school property.” Photo by: Briana & Daniela // Caption by: PhotoCity Students
















“Stealing has a negative impact on MCMS students. It makes us feel unsafe and is just a mean thing to do. As students, we need to encourage each other to stay away from these kinds of bad behavior. We also need stricter rules for people who steal to enforce our sense of security.” Photo by: Jesus, Angelita & Melissa