The AjA Project: Photography Programs for San Diego Youth

Photo This, Photo That!

PhotoCity students at Monroe Clark Middle School created images over the course of this semester to explore a variety of photo techniques such as repetition, rule of thirds, silhouettes and documentary photography. Students voted on their favorite photos to share with their fellow, students, friends and local community. Enjoy!!

"Warrior Pose" by Angelita, age 11. "This picture shows my classmate, Melinee, doing a yoga pose. This photo activity was fun and taught me how to do documentary photos."
“Sky in the Roof” by Kassandra, Age 13. "I decided to look up and noticed the clouds rolling through the sky. I never knew the sky could peer through the roof and create such a bright glow."
“Nature Up High” by Angelita, Age 11. "In this photo I used worm’s eye view to show how the tree can cover the sky."
“The Rolling Pumpkins” by Fabiola, Age 12. "I had an imagination of the pumpkins rolling down the hill with funny and scary faces."
“Girls & Boys Recycling” by Leah, Age 13. "A shy girl is bringing recyclables to school to raise money for after school programs…"
“Reaching Through the Mirror” by Kassandra, Age 13. "I wanted to capture the feeling of loneliness on a rainy day."