The AjA Project: Photography Programs for San Diego Youth

City Heights Youth Speak for Change: Part Two

Photo Essay and Captions by Brent Jensen, Kassandra Elias, Famo Musa, Kiran Mehta and Karla Flores, members of the AjA Project’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Youth Media Team.
In efforts to positively impact the community, Price Philanthropies and California Endowment invested an estimated $265 million in City Heights over the

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Homelessness: Personal Stories Emerge

By Brent Jensen

People void of a support system, unable to attain financial and emotional stability must sometimes reconcile with the reality of homelessness. The unconventional lifestyles of those who are homeless – often exhibited along neighborhood streets and alleyways – serve to detach and segregate this population

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PhotoCity Fundraiser – This Saturday!

Come support The AjA Project’s PhotoCity students at the City Heights Farmer’s Market tomorrow (Saturday, July 26th) from 9 am to 1 pm!!!


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STEAM Update!

The 8th grade students at BLCI are exploring the ways in which photography is connected to science. This week an ophthalmologist, Dr. Gulitieri, will be coming to class to show us how the eye acts like a camera lens! Check out some student work below.

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Change-Makers at Monroe Clark Middle School

Using photography to identify issues in their school and community, PhotoCity students at Monroe Clark Middle School, are re-visualizing a safe and healthy school and community. By focusing their attention on their school and the neighborhoods, youth are using photography to envision causes and solutions to problems identified- and are

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What Does Change Mean to You?

AjA brought story+LINES to Alliance San Diego’s  All People’s Celebration in Barrio Logan on MLK Day. We asked community members, teachers, artists, and elected officials: What does change mean to you? Each answer is interesting and unique! Check out the video below:

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