Participatory photography project helps refugees make their voice heard on medical translation needs.

November 28th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

AjA recently partnered on an exciting, new short-term project called Face to Face with the Mid-City CAN’s Access to Health Care momentum team. Access to Health Care is a community advocacy group calling for in-person interpretation services to be available at all clinics and hospitals in San Diego. Every member of the team has a profound story to tell, from receiving unnecessary medical procedures to administering the wrong medication to a family member, all due to inadequate medical interpretation. Over the course of two weeks, AjA worked with members of the team to help them share their stories through photography and narratives. We then combined their words and images onto large vinyl banners and displayed them at the Health Care Enrollment and Resource Fair held on November 17th at Colina del Sol Park. The banners helped attendees understand the implications of not having in-person interpretation services as well as how everyone can benefit from better interpretation services. These banners will be used as a traveling exhibit to support the advocacy efforts of the Access to Health Care team and serve as a powerful example of what can happen when community groups work together to achieve a common goal.





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